ETA biomass boiler installation RHI income
ETA SH Twin 30kW Biomass Boiler Installation Partner: Menai Heating Project: The customer wanted to replace their outdated oil fueled boiler with a heating system that made use of an ample supply of logs and could easily be automated as they were often away from home. The solution was to provide space heating and hot water to the large detached property with outbuildings. Solution: The new ETA dual log and pellet boiler means that the owner is now able
Cirencester - the old refectory biomass boiler installation
ETA PE-K 45kW Biomass Boiler Installation Partner: Edge Renewables Project: Faced with ever increasing bills for heating their house with a traditional oil boiler, the owners of the Old Rectory needed to find a way of lowering their energy costs, whilst ensuring that the environment could also benefit by a reduction in the site’s carbon emissions. Solution: Recognising the benefits that biomass heating offers, coupled with the availability of the government’s renewable heat incentive –
Scotland Farmhouse - use logs for heating and hot water
ETA Hack 90kW Biomass Boiler Installation Partner: Dunster Biomass Heating Project: The customer wished to use his own timber to provide heat for a farmhouse, cottage, farm workshop and various ancillary buildings as well as to pre-heat air for his grain drying system. Solution: An ETA Hack 90kW boiler was installed with a fully networked controls to provide weather compensated heating for the farmhouse and cottage along with domestic hot water heating. Industrial, fan assisted unit heaters were
domestic and commercial biomass boiler specialist uk
ETA Hack 200kW Biomass Boiler Installation Partner: Dunster Biomass Heating Project: The client requested a system to minimise reliance on fossil fuels and maximise estate self-sufficiency. The principal requirement was to heat a large private house used for corporate entertainment and weddings which was costing in excess of £24,000 per year to heat with oil. The installation had to be sympathetic to the Grade A listed status of the site. Solution: An ETA Hack 200kW boiler was installed
exterior biomass boiler installation
ETA Hack 200kW Biomass Boiler Installation Partner: East Green Energy Project: The National Trust wanted to replace the existing LPG boiler at Sutton Hoo site that was heating the listed museum and three holiday cottages with the aim to reduce carbon emissions whilst increasing efficiency and reliability. Solution: An ETA Hack 200kW boiler was installed in a perfectly suited space within a listed out building on the Sutton Hoo site. The flue was disguised in the chimney to
2 x ETA PE-K 110kW Biomass Boiler Project: Glenisla is a 42-bed operational care home which is part of the Parklands Care Group. This is a fully funded project to replace an existing electric heating system. Due to space restrictions a containerised solution was used where boiler and fuel store are all set up and ready to go in a heat cabin causing limited disruption to the care home. This is one of a number
ETA Hack 130kW & ETA Hack 200kW Biomass Boilers Installation Partner: H2O Renewable Energy Solutions Project: A manufacturing factory along with offices and a warehouse had a complete refurbishment. The company wanted a modern, reliable and efficient heating system that comes with the added benefit of being eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Solution: A centralised heating system was installed in a purpose built extension with a blown woodchip delivery system. The system comprises of
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ETA Hack 350kW Biomass Boilers Installation Partner: AFS Biomass Project: The client was spending in excess of £10,000 on fuel for their current setup with a look at expansion in the form of a finishing shop and drying room. The nature of the business meant they had an abundant supply of waste wood which was ideal for a biomass boiler. With this in mind they required a system which was capable of making use of the
dunkeld house hotel biomass
ETA Hack 500kW Biomass Boilers Installation Partner: KES Group Project: The customer had an exhausted gas oil heating system with 50% of the domestic hot water being generated by electricity. They wanted to replace the heating system with a more efficient one to provide heat and hot water to their hotel in Perthshire. Solution: KES installed a turnkey solution whereby they manufactured their own bespoke modular  ”Energi” cabins with site works limited to 7 days. The
Chatsworth from the bridge
2 x ETA Hack 500kW Biomass Boiler Installation Partner: Ecosmart Energy Systems Project: The Chatsworth estate committed to invest in renewable technology and reduce their carbon impact. In late 2013 they opened The Chatsworth Renewable Energy Centre to feed heat and power to the 300 room house, garden, stables, shops and restaurants in late 2013. Solution: Two ETA Hack 500kW biomass boilers were installed including an agitator and walking floor. The energy centre was reconfigured
equi trek
2 x ETA Hack 500kW Biomass Boiler Installation Partner: Microgen Energy Project: As the largest producer of horseboxes and trailers, Equi-Trek required a heating system that would provide heating and hot water to benefit the manufacturing staff throughout the entire 16,000sq. meter manufacturing facility. Solution: Two ETA Hack 500kW biomass boilers were installed alongside fifteen Biddle warm air blowers to provide heat and hot water to the manufacturing premises as well as two offices in Stocksbridge, Sheffield.
2 x ETA Hack 500kW Biomass Boilers Installation Partner: PBESCO / PBE Fuels Project: As a highly popular tourist attraction Folly Farm has over 500,000 visitors per year and has been recognised as the ”Best Day Out in Wales” for 2016. Folly Farm was heating some of its indoor areas with electric and LPG gas, along with using immersion heaters to heat a number of hot water. The customer wanted a cheaper alternative to deliver more
alpen hotel gas chp
Sokratherm GG 70 & GG 50 Gas CHP Project: The four star alpine wellness hotel had reduced its fuel oil heating cost in 2006 with a veg-oil powered CHP unit installed and operated by a local power provider. Once that CHP unit was shut down due to soaring veg-oil prices the fuel consumption rose to circa 90,000 litres per annum. Solution: A regular guest of the Alpenhotel recommended the installation of a GG 70 unit
Cölner Hofbräu Früh
Sokratherm GG 198 D Gas CHP Project: The brewery intended to reduce its energy cost and CO2 emissions by producing electricity, steam and heat directly on site. Before the installation of the CHP/steam generator plant, all electricity had been drawn from the mains and all heat had been produced by two large steam boilers. Solution: Sokratherm installed a turbocharged CHP unit of the 200kW-class, a steam generator, bypass, condensing heat exchanger and mixture cooler in one heat
Berlin university carbon targets
Sokratherm x2 GG 140 Gas CHP Project: Freie University Berlin’s ambitious sustainability program has reduced the energy consumption of its circa 200 buildings by over 25% since the year 2000. The university has signed a climate protection agreement with the city of Berlin to reduce its consumption of primary energy even further. Solution: Three Sokratherm cogeneration units help to fulfill the agreement: Two GG 140 units were installed in Düppel and one GG 237 in Lankwitz save