Innasol have recently partnered with The Engineering Support Partnership (ESP) to make renewable heating more easily accessible with a market leading finance model.

ESP was established in 1994 and has designed and installed a wide range of building services projects including our first (500kW) biomass installation in 2001. ESP has secured a significant amount of funding to assist with the installation of biomass district heating systems, and together with Innasol we pleased to bring the opportunity of funding to the Innasol approved partner network.

The two primary models:-

Biomass For Free

Whereby The Engineering Support Partnership will fund the installation, essentially by paying the installer directly for the boiler and installation works.

We will then also make an additional commission payment to the installer this is generally in the region of £15,000 to £20,000.

In addition, we will also provide 20-year maintenance offer to the facility for a standard inclusive fee of approximately £300 per annum (+RPI).

Often this combination, can provide a compelling sales tool to installers, when approaching facility owners or operators.

Client funded model

As per the free model, we will also make a commission payment to the installer generally in the region of £15,000 to £20,000.

This model primarily is suited to those in the public and private sector; for a wide range of building types such as; care homes, hospitals and schools.

There are two strong examples of installations in Care Homes that can be refereed to where you can easily recognise the benefits of such an offering.



If you think you have a project that could be suited to this scheme we would be happy to discuss, please contact us.