Who we are

Innasol was founded in 2010 with a unique offering – to bring the very best, most efficient, most advanced renewable energy systems from Europe to the UK via a dedicated, fully trained and authorised network of professional partners. By now, Innasol is one of the fastest growing renewable companies offering best technology sourced from European market leaders.

“At Innasol, we believe that the UK public has been held hostage by energy firms for far too long. That’s why we are dedicated to changing the country’s bad heating habits with a range of renewable heating technologies that save householders money, cut their carbon footprint and help them to break free from the shackles of ‘Big Energy’.”

Silvio Spiess, CEO of Innasol

What we do

Innasol is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the sale and distribution of next generation heating technology targeting homes, small commercial businesses and transforming buildings to be cost efficient, system efficient and ‘green’. Based at Wickham Bishops, Essex, the company provides its partners – the largest UK renewable heating network – with a range of renewable energy systems including biomass, next generation heat pumps and heat pods.

Our products

Heat pumps

Innasol heat pump house

Quick and easy to install

No matter if air source, ground source or water source - a heat pump raises the temperature of natural heat to the level required by the building.

Heat pump info

Biomass boilers

Innasol pellet house

Heat from organic biological mass

Innasol is the market leader in the booming UK biomass boiler market: Biomass boilers work with heat from pellets, wood chips or log.

Biomass boiler info

Heat pods

Heat Pod

The heating solution for commercial buildings.

A complete simple solution for supplying heat to both new and existing large buildings, easily installed and sized according to individual requirements.

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